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About AXF?

AXF based on decentralized Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism smart contract, generates POS consensus yield. started operating on the BSC20/BEP20 smart chain, can be stored and traded on any exchange or wallets which support Bsc20/BEP20 smart chain, including Trust Wallet as Binance official wallet. Aim to connects decentralized finance (Defi) and real world industries.


Eco-projects profit return

Eco-projects provide stable and long-term return, profit return by high-frequency trading tax generating, direct LP adding, purchase and burning and several other ways, meanwhile, attract more institutions to participate in the AXF ecosystem and enhance the value of AXF.

Whale’s benefit

Whales can join online whale community and have the right to initiate proposals; organize and participate whales voting; review, filter and evaluate AXF ecosystem projects; apply to participate in project implementation; receive the update and on coming plans on real time.


Ecosystem including Defi, payment gateway, commodities, investments, IPO listing incubation, cross-chain exchange, NFT development etc., let AXF be first choice for institutions to solve financial needs through the decentralized financial system, increase value and AXF market price.



Download Trust Wallet on your phone. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can also use any other app as long as it is compatible with PancakeSwap


Transfer BNB or BUSD to your wallet. This can be done from Binance App or website: via the BEP20/BSC20 network or you can also top up your Trust Wallet by going into your Smart Chain wallet and press the buy button, found to the right of the receive button.


Enter PancakeSwap via DApps; or you can use browser visit PancakeSwap official website: .Connect Trust Wallet with PancakeSwap. Exchange BNB or BUSD for AXF using the contract address: 0x92acbfc5fc761d8f05cc621a565623a1acfa96f7


Once you’ve sent your BNB from Binance to any other wallet using the BEP-20 network, you have to go to DEX in your wallet and swap it to Smart Chain.


If you’re on iOS, Apple removed native browser support from Trust Wallet. Please follow the instructions on here to be able to link PancakeSwap using WalletConnect.


Come visit us on Telegram and our members will guide you through it.



  • Sep,2021

    Website Announcement
  • 20, Sep, 2021

    Project Launch at with BSC20 chain
  • Oct, 2021

    Trust Wallet Lisiting
  • 10 -Oct, 2021

    AXF Ecosystem announcement
  • 11-November; 2021

    Announce weighted voting system
  • 11-Nov, 2021

    Coinmarketcap Listing
  • 12- December, 2021

    AXF Finance Development System SDK


  • 01-January; 2022

    Validators System 2.0
  • 02-February; 2022

    Announce weighted voting system 2.0
  • 02-February; 2022

    AXF online exchange development & Dapp development
  • 03-March; 2022

    AXF goes on a centralized exchange
  • 4 -5 April and May; 2022

    AXF listing 3 top 100 centralized exchanges
  • 10-October; 2022

    Start first cooperated project IPO


  • 06-June; 2024

    Complete first cooperative project IPO listing
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